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We cater for the Drilling, Environmental, Irrigation, Mining, Civil and Plumbing markets.

You know when you're in charge of a project that is on a strict time frame and Tight budget then all of a sudden you have

that sickening feeling when realizing that somehow a crucial piping componentthat they never told you about is not there as

needed or it doesn't fit. Well what we do is solve this problem for you by

manufacturing and/or arranging the delivery of your piping components on time

so you can meet your Project deadline without any further delays so that you get paid on time.

We have our Iron Glad "No Holes Guarantee" for you,

if it is not delivered on time as promised then we will pay you $200 a day until it is there.

*NB: For any INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING please contact DEPS prior to placing your

order to confirm shipping requirements.

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